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As part of the AUF-Inria partnership and to strengthen Franco-African collaborations in Digital Sciences (Mathematics and Computer Science) and promote joint reflection on the scientific issues in these fields, Inria and its partners from LIRIMA (Inria International Lab) propose to set up an online seminar widely distributed in Africa and France, with a monthly program of presentations by a guest speaker and a facilitator.
The objectives are:
• take stock and give references in a specific area of ​​interest to the African community
• propose topics of research and transfer
• initiate North-South and South-South contacts

The seminar is intended for an audience of scientists who are not necessarily specialists in the subject area but who wish to have a summary presentation and an overview of current research topics in this field.

The program target and involve experts from scientific fields such as:
• Model and Data Science: Learning, High Performance Computing, Modeling
• Security and computer security: cybersecurity, security of networks and the Internet of Things
• Computer science for health, the environment, agriculture, citizen and participative sciences.

The organization of such a seminar is based on the local AUF centers in Africa (CNEUF digital campuses) and Inria centers in France, in order to allow participants to join either physically in these centers or from their home. workstation at these points of contact or rebroadcast.


The seminar is be bi-monthly and last 1 hour (45 minutes for the presentation and 15 minutes for questions by the facilitator). Conferences are held with exception on Wednesday at 4:00 pm (Paris time).

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Steering Committee

The steering committee is in charge of establishing the program, contacting speakers and animators, ensuring the dissemination of information and the smooth technical progress of the sessions.

Composition: Amel Ben Abda (ENIT, Tunisia), Eric Badouel (Inria), Hélène Kirchner (Inria), Laura Norcy (Inria), Maurice Tchuente (Yaounde I University, Cameroon), Patrick Valduriez (Inria).

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