Inverse Problems and Control Team

– Applications to the flows in medicine and hydrogeology –

Team leader : Amel Ben Abda
Affiliation : University Tunis El Manar / ENIT / LAMSIN
Contact : amelbentba@gmail.com

Co-team leader Inria : Houssem Haddar
Affiliation : Inria Saclay, EPI DEFI

Contact : houssem.haddar@inria.fr

Inria’s associated teams : APICS, DEFI, SAGE (Sophia Antipolis, Saclay, Rennes)


The team has developed several methods for solving a wide class of inverse problems (shape identification, parameter recovering). The main contribution has lies on the use of both reciprocity gap and constitutive law error concepts. These ideas have given rise to very competitive identification procedure. The main application area of these methods concerns the mechanical engineering.

These last years, heightened synergy between medicine, biology, mathematics and computer science has been noticed.

The aim of EPIC was there the use of the concepts developed within the Inverse Problem team and the development of other mathematical tools for treating problems arising from medicine or hydrogeology; more specifically, to share tools for modeling, analysis and numerical analysis of inverse problems in favor of applications in hydrogeology, biological fluids flow and cardiac electrophysiology.

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