Internet of Things for Developping countries

Team leader
: Thomas DJOTIO NDIEPhoto Thomad Djiotio

Affiliation : ENSP/University of Yaounde I, CameroonPhot-Emmanuel Nataf
Contact :

Co-Team leader Inria : Emmanuel NATAF
Affiliation : Inria Nancy-Grand Est
Contact :

Inria associate-team :  MADYNES (Nancy-Grand Est)

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This team entered in the LIRIMA in January 2016. The project consolidates the existing collaborations between these two Laboratories (cf. the LIRIMA research team MASECNeSS from 2010 to 2015).

iot4dThe Internet of Things for developing countries (DC) research team (IoT4D) works on the integration of emerging technologies with footprint process in African countries. With the increasing demand for connected objects, researches have made great advances and technologies are now mature and ready for the real world use. Helpful applications as environment or healthcare monitoring, smart cities are now recognized as means to allow people and nature to live in a more secure world. The DC environment is by itself a research challenge for connected objects.

High temperature or humidity, lack of high speed communication network access, for example, does not alleviate the deployment of  a wireless sensor networks in the city or country-wide.

  • IoT4D will first experiment the interconnection of Internet of Things with the wired Internet. The goal is to allow IoT networks to be easily deployed with an acceptable quality of service.

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