News of the LIRIMA Associated-Team IoT4D (Internet of Things for Development)

In the context of its African Center of Excellence, CETIC and the framework of the International cooperation with INRIA through its LIRIMA Associated-Team IoT4D (Internet of Things for Development), the National Advanced School of Engineering (École Nationale Supérieure Polytechnique) of Yaoundé (ENSPY) will host from the 22nd to 30th of August 2016, Prof. Emmanuel Nataf, team leader of MADYNES (Nancy-Grand Est), the Inria’s partner Team-Project, and co-Team-leader of IoT4D.
During his stay, and with the PhD students/researchers, he will install an experimental wireless sensor network (WSN) on the ENSPY’s campus to test issues around topics and applications of the configuration management, supervision and security in sensor and ad hoc networks.
More concretely, he will install a Raspberrys’ wireless sensors at ENSPY that will be connected to its wired network. Access to these Raspberry will be possible, either through its wired network by means of a specific VLAN, or the Internet with minimal impact on the local bandwidth.
Team leader: Thomas DJOTIO NDIE
Affiliation: ENSP/University of Yaounde I, Cameroon
Contact :
Co-Team leader Inria: Emmanuel NATAF
Affiliation: Inria Nancy-Grand Est
Inria associate-team:  MADYNES (Nancy-Grand Est)

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