LIRIMA seminars

As announced in our last Newsletter, we set up LIRIMA seminars.

It works as follows: you can propose a seminar by filling the corresponding form here.
This forms provides the name and contact of the organizer, the subject, and the suggested date and list of participants.
A seminar will normally consist of a scientific presentation followed by discussions. Nevertheless, it is possible to make other proposals, for example in view of more open discussions.

After validation, the seminar is posted on the Lirima website and forwarded to the Lirima mailing list.
Any interested person may then register to participate in a seminar.

A few days before the seminar, the connection data is transmitted to the participants. The seminar will take place on a online videoconferencing platform.

Following the seminar, the organizers will send to Tayib Fall the items to be archived on the Lirima website: Date, subject, speaker, abstract & any related document (slides of presentation, report …).

We would like to operate on a monthly basis, at least to start with, and if possible with a fixed date, for example on every first Thursday of the month. The seminar should allow a better communication between Lirima researchers, their partners and the members of the Scientific Council. The latter will be able to bring their expertise directly to the Lirima teams.

Any queries you may have about the seminar should be addressed to Tayib Fall who will ensure its proper functioning.

He will soon create another form to register for a seminar as well as the pages allowing to archive the data related to a seminar and to consult the presentations of the previous ones. Tayib will be delighted to receive your comments on these various elements.

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