Inverse Problems in CARDiac electrophysiology

Principal investigators
Mourad BellassouedUniversity Tunis El Manar, ENIT/LAMSIN, Tunisia

Nejib Zemzemiresearch team CARMEN, Inria




Entered in the LIRIMA in January 2015, this project-team aims at developping an experimental platform allowing to test various methods and compare their performance on real life experimental data.

Improving the information that can be extracted from electrical signals measured on patients with heart diseases is a major priority for the IHU LIRYC in Bordeaux, headed by Professor Michel Haissaguerre. From measurements of the electrical potential on the chest of the patient, the electrical potential on the heart surface  can be non-invasively constructed. This helps the medical doctor to visualise an image of the electrical potential of the heart of the patient. It is known that the methods, that have been used in the literature for solving this electrocardiography imaging (ECGI) problem, including those used in commercial medical devices, have several limitations. This problem could be mathematically seen as a boundary data completion problem for elliptic equations. Many works in the literature have been carried out in order to solve this Cauchy problem, but have never been used for solving the ECGI problem.

Keywords: inverse problems, electrocardiography, numerical simulation of the electrical activity of the heart, variational methods, regularization methods.


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