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November 2017 / n° 04



In this edition, we would like first to focus on the associate team SIMERGE (Statistical Inference for the Management of Extreme Risks and Global Epidemiology), a LIRIMA project-team started in January 2015.

And second, we will focus on the success of the 2017 LIRIMA Scientific Days held on last September at ENIT in Tunis. We thank our Tunisian colleagues and congratulate them for the organisation. We also thank the members of the scientific council who took an active part in these days.

Also we would like to advertise the call for papers for CARI'18 in Stellenbosch (South Africa).

We end this letter with some news from the web.

Eric Badouel, Moussa Lo

Directors of LIRIMA



SIMERGE (Statistical Inference for the Management of Extreme Risks and Global Epidemiology) is a LIRIMA project-team started in January 2015. It includes researchers from Mistis (Inria Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes, France), LERSTAD (Laboratoire d'Etudes et de Recherches en Statistiques et Développement, Université Gaston Berger, Sénégal), IRD (Institut de Recherche pour le Développement, Unité de Recherche sur les Maladies Infectieuses et Tropicales … Lire la suite.

The 2017 LRIMA Scientific Days in a nutshell!

The Scientific Days of LIRIMA 2017 took place from 12 to 14 September at ENIT (École Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Tunis), located on the campus of El Manar Tunis University in Tunisia.
Every 2 years, these days gather researchers from the teams and the partners institutions of the  Laboratory to present their activities.  It is also an opportunity to bring together the  members of the community.
This year, a thematic workshop was added to the program for the first time. It was dedicated to "Data Sciences ». Our colleagues from the ENIT made this event a great success, gathering  a hundred participants.
All the presentations are available at the following address:

Following the success of the thematic workshop, we wish to organize a workshop on "Digital Agriculture in Africa" ​​in the framework of LIRIMA and in cooperation with Cirad (on the initiative of Mathieu Roche).
This workshop will run for two days in Montpellier during the first 2018 semester and will be supported by the Digital Agriculture Convergence Institute #DigitAg. We will take in charge the travel expenses of African researchers.
If you are interested in participating in these days, do not hesitate to contact us!



CARI, the African Conference on Research in Computer Science, is the outcome of an international cooperation involving African universities, French research institutes, and international organizations. Occurring once every two years since its first edition held in 1992 (Yaounde, Cameroon), CARI is more than a scientific gathering, but a dynamic environment for cooperation that brings together African researchers, and decision-makers in the fields of computer science and applied mathematics …  Lire la suite.



Since 2009 Futur en Seine has never stopped it deployment : from the first edition of the festival to FUTUR‘s events, 2018 is a new step for the team since they’re going to Morocco in march for the first edition of Future in Africa. Lire la suite.

Riche de 267 pages, le tout nouvel ouvrage du docteur Mouhamadou Lô se veut un panorama exhaustif de la problématique des données personnelles en Afrique.  Lire la suite.