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April 2016 / n° 01



A word of the directors ...

The purpose of this LIRIMA Newsletter is to give information about the laboratory to its members and to some of its close collaborators. We start this first issue by recalling the recent evolutions of LIRIMA consecutive to the new agreement signed last year by its partners in Saint-Louis du Sénégal. Its governance structures, namely the Steering Committee and the Scientific Council, are now in place. We welcome and thank their members. Their expertise and their time devoted to this activity are very precious.

After listing the current teams of the laboratory we make an announcement about the LIRIMA workshop to be held next July in Saint-Louis. This meeting will be an opportunity to discuss about our strategy, our scientific priorities and to help in the preparation of new team proposals.

We end this letter with some news about structures or events related to our laboratory: the African Centers of Excellence, the CARI conference, the ARIMA journal, and the Euromediterranean 3+3 program.

This newletter, to be issued every four months, is a privileged tool to share information concerning the life of the laboratory and thus to enhance its cohesion.

Do not hesitate to contribute to the forthcomming issues by kindly sending your contributions to Laura Norcy

Eric Badouel, Moussa Lo



Edito Newsletter

Recent developments at LIRIMA

After the review performed in late 2014 on LIRIMA’s first five years (2009-2014), its partners have chosen to pursue this Franco-African laboratory experiment in Computer Sciences and Applied Mathematics with the joint objective of addressing research and technology transfer issues specific to Africa. Last year, 2015, was marked by LIRIMA becoming an “Inria International Lab”, the signing of a new …

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The Steering Committee and the Scientific Council

The Steering Committee is made up of all representatives of the Partners. The main missions of the Steering Committee are to define the global strategy of the laboratory, to decide on the program of actions proposed by the directors, to approve the annual budget and the distribution of the ressources, and give its opinion on any matters concerning the life of …

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The teams in 2016

3 new teams have joined LIRIMA in 2016:

• IoT4D: Internet of Things for Developping countries

• MOHA: Mixed Multi-objective Optimization using Hybrid Algorithms: Application to smart grids 

• MoReWAIS: Mobile Read Write Access and Intermittent to Semantic Web

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LIRIMA Workshop, July 11-13, 2016, Saint-Louis du Sénégal

During two and a half days members of LIRIMA will gather to discuss research topics. The purpose is to identify scientific priorities and to help in the preparation of new team proposals. A physical meeting of the Steering Committee will take place, as well as a discussion with representatives of the African Centres of Excellence (ACE) in mathematics and computer science in order to further enhance the collaboration between LIRIMA and the ACE. 

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African Centers of Excellence (ACE)

Responding to a call by the World Bank and with the academic support of the Association of African Universities, the University of Yaoundé I in Cameroon and the University Gaston Berger in Saint-Louis, Senegal, LIRIMA’s two university partners, have received the African Centre of Excellence label. In this framework, they will each receive a total funding of $8,000,000 over a period of four years (2015-2018).


African Conference on Research in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics (CARI)

This conference is held every two years in an African country under the patronage of various scientific institutions and universities.

The next conference will take place in Tunis on 10-14 October 2016. It will be associated with a CIMPA research school on “Mathematics for Biology”, which will be held on 4-14 October 2016.

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The ARIMA Journal

The journal is the result of a north/south scientific collaboration after more than 20 years of work at CARI, the African Conference on Research in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. It spotlights research from this cooperation and covers all research topics in the computer sciences and applied mathematics.

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Seminar  - EuroMediterranean 3+3 Program

Since the consortium concluded at the end of 2014, the founding partners have expressed a willingness to pursue the program and have launched a call for expressions of interest for a seminar next September (14th to 16th), organised at Inria - Sophia Antipolis – Méditerranée Centre...

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